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About us

If you are organizing a meeting or a conference you are in the best hands with Tolkesekretariatet. Most of our interpreters are members of AIIC and they are regularly recruited by the EU-institutions on a freelance basis. In addition, we have a solid network of experienced Nordic interpreters to turn to when their special competence is needed.

Specializing in conference interpretation since 1988 we  exclusively recruit interpreters for conferences, meetings, seminars,  annual general meetings, etc.,  in Denmark and abroad. This vouches for high quality. With our interpreters’ deep understanding of languages, cultural and social contexts we help the audience  understand the spoken message immediately. As professionals, Tolkesekretariatet and our interpreters are of course bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

One contact from enquiry to invoice

Tell us WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHICH LANGUAGES then we will find the right language combinations. It is  a good idea to involve Tolkesekretariatet early in the planning stage as even minor changes to the programme may lead to significant savings.

We cooperate with professional suppliers of interpretation equipment

who will ensure that the message from the interpreting booth flows smoothly without technical hitches.

You will find the answer to many of your questions under FAQ.



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